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Tween Team

The In-betTWEEN years can be tough.  These years are emotional, confusing, and full of changes.  Your child may begin to pull away for the first time,  The pressure to "fit in" begins to rear its head, and adding social media to the mix can breed comparison, and affect your child's self esteem.  But, here is where I come in!  What if your girl could experience a photo session that expressed HER, as she is.  She may love soccer, and wear gym shorts and t-shirts. That's great!  Let's roll with it!  Let me show your Tween girl, that she is nothing less than amazing!  Furthermore, she can become part of our spokesmodel team, and be part of a group that participates in shoots, has get togethers, and discusses topics that are relevant to your girl.  It is my mission to help instill self confidence, and a mindset where we build each other up, rather than tear each other down.  


Tween Team members get to participate in 4 styled shoots per year, and have one individual portrait session just focusing on them!  I believe that word of mouth and connecting through relationships are the best way to spread the word about Kim Stiffler Photography.  Tween team members act as ambassadors, spreading the word about Kim Stiffler Photography to their friends, and through social media.  Of course, parents help with that too!  

Another perk of being a part of the Tween team, is a community of friends who will lift each other up.  I have a background in education (I have taught elementary school for 21 years), and I have raised two beautiful daughters.  I know that at this age, having a tribe to lift each other up, is so important.  I also have a Senior Team, and I would love to pair the girls up with a "big sister" and have get togethers where we discuss relevant topics.  If all of this sounds right up your daughters' alley, scroll down and fill out the form, and I will send you more information! 

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