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Prom Photography Tips

February 28, 2020

Prom season is fast approaching, so I thought I would create a blog post advertising my services, and show some past prom photos.  Even if you are unable to hire me, I wanted to post some tips for getting your best photos.  Let's face it; prom is expensive!  The dress, the hair and makeup, spray tans, shoes, tickets, and dinner.  So why go to all of that trouble and expense and be stuck with poorly lit photos?  If you can, hire a professional.  It will be worth it to really show off how beautiful you look!  


First, good light is always more important than  location.  You can have a beautiful location, but if the light is harsh, it won't look pretty.  The last two hours of daylight is the prettiest light, which is perfect for Prom, because that's usually when you are taking pictures.  If it's sunny, try to find a place that has open shade.  Make sure there aren't any "hotspots" (splotches of sun) shining on your face.  Nice, even light is what you want.  Look for those catchlights in the eyes.  


 In this case, the sun is lower in the sky, and behind her.  I usually use a reflector to bounce light back on her face if the sun is behind the subject.  If you take the time to get your makeup done, or if you are awesome at doing your own, you want a closeup showing off your beautiful face!  Oh, by the way, this is Drew, my makeup artist, and former KSP Influencer!  She's as pretty on the inside as on the outside!

 This is another backlit photo.  There's a small hotspot on her forehead, but it's still beautiful.  Move the subjects around until you get even light on the face.  

 I like to turn the subject at a 45 degree angle.  It's more interesting than just straight on.  Be sure you are capturing the dress from a variety of angles.

 Adding movement always makes for more interest, causes the subject to smile and be more natural, and shows off those dresses!

 Be sure and capture the backs of those gorgeous dresses too!  Did I mention I have a beautiful lilac bush in my yard?  Makes for a pretty backdrop!  


 Another back view.  I usually tell the subject to turn away, and I say "1, 2, 3, turn and look at me."  You can get some hair movement that way as well.  

 If you have any kind of bench, this really allows the dresses to be shown off as well!

 Have a good mix of posed, looking at the camera, and then look at each other.  Which always results in laughter.


 Again, these two are besties, but always touching, holding hands, creates dynamic portraits.  They may feel silly at first, but it works.

 I always tell them to look at each other, and usually they crack up, which is perfect!

 It's always nice to have subjects do something with their hands.  If there's a joint, bend it.  Hands straight at sides is boring and stiff.  

 When taking group shots, have all of the subjects touching in some way.  Have them lean in together, hold hands, act like they like each other.  It creates connection.  


On April 18, I will be offering Prom Portraits, here at my home.  We back up to a pond, and I even have a tree swing and some flowering bushes, if they are in bloom by then.  In case of inclement weather, I can set up a backdrop in the garage.  Message me on Instagram, or email me at kimberleesphotos@gmail.com to get on the schedule!



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