Influencer Team

Well HELLO there!

You may be wondering, what the heck is an influencer?  

An influencer is an outgoing, fashion forward, social media savvy student who loves to be photographed.  Influencers agree to represent Kim Stiffler Photography, and get to participate in at least 4 styled concept shoots. In return, models receive high resolution digital images for sharing on social media. In addition, models agree to have their senior session with Kim Stiffler Photography exclusively, and do their session in the summer.  There is a $350 model team fee that covers the 4 group shoots.  

Benefits:  Influencers receive tons of extra pictures no one else will have!  And it is a blast!   What's more, you get to meet new friends from different schools, and expand your social circle.  In addition, during my slower months, I love to do creative shoots, and I use my influencers for these.  Influencers can also use me as a reference for jobs, scholarships, etc. Lastly, you get to be a supermodel, as I will use your images in all of my marketing materials and website!

There is a $350 program fee. Influencers should post on social media once a month, and tag Kim Stiffler Photography according to her guidelines.   When your friends want to know who your photographer is, simply tell them, and share contact info.  Easy-peasy!  Be sure to read through the Experience section of my website with your parents, so you know what to expect in terms of my pricing.  Most clients spend between $900 to $2500 on senior portraits, depending on your session/collection.  

Sound good?  I can't wait to meet you!  Scroll down to fill out the application.  

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